noun_legend_whiteThe Legend

“The mad trio of jugglers…a bracing piece that highlights the very different talents of the performers.”

–City Pages

Tale As Old As Time...

Mick Lunzer and Jason LeMay are world champion jugglers. Caleb McEwen is a professional comedy writer and knife thrower. Together, they formed The Danger Committee and became Reynaldo, The Bald Guy, and The Other One. After national tours, television appearances, and lots of standing ovations, you could say the rest is history, but they prefer the term “legendary cautionary tale”.

Some would have seen a non-juggler joining a world champion juggling team as a problem, but they viewed it as an improvement. After all, the world can be evenly divided into two groups of people: those who love juggling, and those who hate it. The trio decided to create an experience that would entertain both. The show they would develop included juggling, knife throwing, and other amazing feats of skill–but it wasn’t about any of that. It was about a group of very different personalities thrown together in a work environment and tasked with creating something that was greater than the sum of its parts. Sound familiar?

Within one year they were on an eighteen-city tour and they had booked their first national television appearance. Then came more corporate events, original theatrical productions, more television appearances, and so much more. It seems like a lot and there’s so much more to the story–but they’re just getting started on the next chapter.

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