The Danger Committee on AGT

Mick, Caleb and Jason wow the judges of America's Got Talent with their daring performance.


"That is truly something unique that we

haven't seen before... See you in Vegas!"

-Howie Mandel, America's Got Talent (NBC Universal)

Twin Cities Live

The Danger Committee tries to teach local weatherman Ken Barlow the true meaning of Christmas with 1.2 million volts of electricity and a little knife throwing. It is truly the most magical time of year.

Live at Louie Anderson Theater, Las Vegas

The Danger Committee: Live at the Louie Anderson Theater in Las Vegas

The Danger Committee Juggling Lightsabers

In preparation for 2015's A Stocking Full of Awesome V: Revenge of the Magi, The Danger Committee escalates the stupidity by juggling some ancient technology.

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