The Danger Committee

We crush boredom by creating shows and events that leave people dazzled, delighted, and occasionally completely stunned. Memorable isn't good enough for The Danger Committee. We aim to be unforgettable--and it's our job to hit what we aim for.

Escalating stupidity for your viewing pleasure

Imminent Danger

Our business is delighting people by making poor life choices…and business is booming. See where you can catch us next!

We Create Your Perfect Show Together

Every show we do is different. Why? Because your event, your message, and your audience are all unique. You deserve better than a cookie-cutter show. You—and they—deserve something special. There are SO MANY teams of World Champion Jugglers and terrifyingly accurate knife-throwing comedians out there, so we want our show to be something that truly sets us apart.



First, we learn about you. We find out what your group wants to achieve, what you want to communicate, and what you want your audience to experience. We learn what makes your audience special so we can communicate in a way that matters to them. Knowing who you are and what you want is the foundation of everything.


Then, we talk about it. We brainstorm, we dream big, and we don’t rule out any of the possibilities. Some of this we do with you. Some of this we do separately because we tend to get really invested and emotional about it and it’s just best that when we get truly worked up it stays internal. Then we all arrive at a consensus as to the best course of action.


Once the goal is set, we go back to our secret lab/chocolate factory (seriously, we also own a chocolate business) to create something truly incredible. We work late into the night. Sometimes there are, like, random machines around us that are shooting out sparks and lightning and flames. One time we had to climb a mountain and answer a wizard’s riddles. Another time we just had to learn PowerPoint—that was wild! In the end, we develop a customized solution that achieves your goals.


Then, we unleash our creation on an unsuspecting—and delighted—audience. It will be unlike any other comedically-customized world class juggling and knife throwing extravaganza they have ever seen. Imagine a show built for your audience, jokes that only they get, and edge-of-your-seat thrills that actually deliver your message. It might even have PowerPoint! The only limitation is our combined imagination.


Studies have shown that people do different things. We are no exception. We can bring a COMPLETELY SAFE sense of danger to wherever people may gather. We know because we’ve done it—a LOT. You can rely on our decades of experience turning ordinary experiences into the totally unbelievable and unforgettable. We offer SO MANY OPTIONS!

Corporate Events

Which will your audience remember: a bullet point on a screen, or a printed message held by your CEO and pinned to a board by a thrown axe? Sound impossible and dangerous? It’s not. We should talk.


Virtual and Streaming

When was the last time you watched a virtual conference that actually had a feeling of suspense? Have you ever been part of a Zoom meeting that surprised you? Or even made you gasp? Sound crazy? It’s not.



Need a show with an easy load-in that plays like a huge production? Want to offer something at your venue that is completely different from the rest of your season and can draw a new audience alongside your loyal patrons? 


Trade Shows

We have seen the legions of zombies, more dead than alive, shambling through row after row of booths in the exhibit hall. We can save your booth from the walking dead and shock those sedated masses back to life.