General Mills Case Study

Chances are not a day goes by that you don't come in contact with a product from General Mills.  They're everywhere with an operation and supply chain that spans the globe.  It takes some of the best minds in the corporate world to keep their operation running, and we were honored to be asked to perform and present at their annual Global Business Solutions retreat.  We provided evening entertainment and the following morning's program with a focus on integrated teamwork and collaboration as a means of driving perfromance.  The session was exceptionally well-received by an international and multi-cultural audience that had "seen it all before." 


In the short time since the retreat, The Danger Committee has been asked to participate in two more events for the good people of General Mills--but that isn't what excites us the most.  What truly excites us is that at a perfromance of one of our theatrical productions months after the retreat, we were approached by a member of the General Mills Global Business Solutions team who informed us that he was in attendance with over forty of the other team members that had been present at our presentation.  That means we didn't just present them with new ideas, we made them fans!


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