Ceridian Case Study

Ceridian is a complex company with multiple silos offering enterprise-wide, end-to-end, value-added solutions for their clients.  They can do everything from payroll processing to benefits administration to ensuring compliance with recently passed federal legislation.  They have to keep a lot of things in the air at one time, and we know a little bit about that...


Partnering with our good friends at The Brave New Workshop, The Danger Committee performed and presented as part of a multi-day conference with Ceridian's sales reps in Orlando.  Providing keynote support and evening entertainment, we were a huge hit, and this led to us being asked to participate in an even bigger event for Ceridian shortly after, the annual Ceridian Customer Advisory Board in Las Vegas!


The Ceridian Customer Advisory Board is a collection of Ceridian's most valued customers from around the globe that are brought together to collaborate and offer feedback on how Ceridian can better serve them in the future.  As you can imagine, it is very important to Ceridian that these industry partners are thoroughly impressed with every aspect of what Ceridian has to offer.  So, when the event planners were trying to find the perfect act to give their clients a thoroughly customized evening of entertainment that was also an authentic Las Vegas experience, they chose The Danger Committee! 


With over a thousand people in attendance at a massive theatre in the Bellagio, we knocked 'em dead!  The evening ended with a standing ovation and a room full of newly-minted Danger Committee fans.  Post-event surveys showed that The Danger Committee even outscored the world class Bellagio facilities when it came to particpant rankings.  In other words, we "out-Vegased" Vegas.


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