Microsoft Case Study

Suppose you're one of the most successful technology companies in the world, and you partner with hundreds of other tech-savvy organizations from around the globe.  Suppose you're bringing representatives from all of these different groups together for a global summit.  Suppose you need a presentation that will stand out from the over one hundred other presentations that will be given by scads of industry luminaries as they descend upon the Georgia World Congress Center.


Suppose we were a part of the solution. 


The Danger Committee partnered with keynote speaker John Sweeney of The Brave New Workshop to give a presentation on collaboration and innovation in a changing marketplace, using comedy, juggling and knife throwing to reinforce salient points around some very specific client messages.  The result was a session that stood out from the crowd in an amazing way, and it received the highest rating of the over one hundred presenters featured throughout the conference.  The messages landed and stuck, the partners were impressed, and everyone came out a winner.


As a result of our success at this event, we were later invited to participate in training with up and coming Microsoft managers at their headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and we ended up on the same program with the inimitable Steve Ballmer.  The Danger Committee runs with a pretty cool corporate crowd...


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